About us

Polesyeelectromash was founded in 1975. Initially the enterprise specialized in the production of AC motors with the height of axis of rotation of 90mm for agricultural applications.

January 14, 2010 Republican Unitary Enterprise “Polesyeelectromash” was renamed OJSC Polesyeelectromash.

Since 2012 OJSC “Polesyeelectromash” is a member of the “Belarusian Metallurgical Holding”.
The territory of the enterprise within a fenced-off industrial site is 27.23 hectare. Production area is 71738m2.

Today, OJSC Polesyeelectromash produces AIR-series asynchronous electric motors with the rotation axis height of 71, 80, 90, 100, and 12 mm, and the capacity of 0.37 to 7.5 kW for any voltage from the standard range of 115 to 660 V, and 50, 60 Hz frequency. Electric motors represent the company’s key product, and their production accounts for more than 70 % of the company’s total products produced.

A large share of the company’s products, more than 27% of the total production, is represented by iron and aluminum castings for the company’s own need, and commercial casts.


The iron casting shop offers a diverse range of products:

  • cast products utilized in own operations (producing panels for asynchronous electric motors, electric hotplates for cooking electric stoves)
  • final element cast products for electric stoves used at public catering facilities
  • gears, sprockets, gear hubs, covers, flanges, rolls, pulleys, crutch forks, levers and cast products for mechanical engineering applications;
  • sewer manholes, ready-assembled storm water inlets
  • furnace castings

Our company can manufacture cast products customized to the client’s drawings or according to cast samples provided

We also produce electric hotplates used in new household electric stoves, as items for repairs and replacement ( EKCh-145 – 1.0/220 with 1 kW capacity, EKCh– 180 – 1.2/220 with 1.2 kW capacity, EKCh-180-1.5/220 with 1.5 kW capacity, EKCh-220 – 2.0/220 with 2 kW capacity).

The enterprise pays special attention to quality. Compliance certificated have been obtained for all the products subject to certification. The product quality is evidenced by diplomas and awards from Belarusian and international exhibitions.

The enterprise has developed and implemented a quality management system ensuring compliance with ISO 9001.

Designing new products, increasing the product range, improving product quality and competitiveness, as well as technical upgrading of operations and aligning the technical parameters of the company’s newly-designed products to the requirements of international standards is one of the key focus areas of the company’s business.

The machine assembly department consists of:

Painting section

Machining of electromotor components and parts (spindles, rotors, end shields, bed plates) and electro burners EKCh 145, 180, 220 frames. The machine assembly department is outfitted with machining equipment: purpose-built transfer lines of shafting, rotors, bed plates, multihead machines for SME end shields processing; general purpose – lathe, drilling, thread-cutting, milling, and rotary grinding machines, NC machine tool and others.

Assembling section

Stator assembling and general assembling of electro motors on integrated mechanical lines ЛСС-1, ЛСД-1, ЛНК-8, ЛНК-9, with the lead thorough of stators locking faces control grooving, claw milling and control grooving of flange motors.

Machining section

Degreasing, padding, painting of components (bed plates, end shields, shells and other electro motor components) as well as finished articles (electromotors, electro pumps, electro burners)

The blank preparation and winding shop consists of:

Blank preparation section
This section is responsible for blanking and completing operations of insulating material

Winding and insulation section
In the winding and insulation section slot insulation of stators core is conducted, for this purpose slot insulating machines ИС-23А, ИПС are used, winding of spool groups and laying them in stators core slots with forming,  pressure moulding, banding of end turns well stator tests.
All production stages are power operated, with the help of competent machine packages for mechanized laying (winding machines НВС-2А, НВС-23, random-wound ВС-2А, expanding РСА, molding ФС-23А) as well as hand lay in. After winding and laying in, the stators core is tested on special parameter checkout stations, then it is transferred to impregnating section by aerobelt conveyor.

Impregnating section
In the impregnating section impregnation and drying of stators is conducted. For this purpose automatic unit AVB1 (Hungary) for vacuum impregnation is used.

Stator deseaming final goods inspection and in-process storage section 
Stator packs are cleaned of lacquer varnish striations on the outer and inner diameters

The iron foundry is located in a detached
2-storeyed building.
Floor area – 21500m2
Put into operation in 1979

The foundry consist of:

  • melting section;
  • molding-and-mounting section;
  • fettling section;
  • pattern section

Functional purpose – manufacturing of gray and high-duty iron castings for electromotor components and burners, production of commercial castings as well as cold pig foundry cast iron.

The iron foundry is outfitted with the technical equipment:

1. Induction furnaces ИЧТ-10/2.5
2. Equipment for preparing, weighing and loading of fusion mixture, molding-forming lines «Otto Junker»,  Runners АМК-2000М, water chargers; distributing cylinder, equipment for moulding sand preparation;
3. Rotoblast barrels; cylinders, tool grinders 3Б634;
4. Lathe, milling machine Ц6-2, mortising machine

The non-ferrous foundry is used for scrap and aluminum alloy waste materials remelting with the purprose of further alloying primary aluminum pig and manufacturing of aluminum castings using highpressure moulding.

The non-ferrous foundry on the melting section is equipped with the induction furnaces ИАТ-0,4, and there are resistance furnaces САТ-0,25 and САТ-0,16 beside the casting machines. The furnaces ИАТ-0,4 are used primary scrap and aluminum castings recycling, the furnaces САТ 0,25 and САТ-0,16 – for preparing melt for casting and soaking at the given temperature in the pouring process.

The casting machines A711A08, A711A09, СЭ711Б09 are used for getting the castings.

The casting spectrum is represented by the cast sections ranging from 0.014 and up to 2.6 kg

The forge shop consists of:

  • Preparation section;
  • Forge section for core price and other component parts.
  • Rotor stator packs assembling section
  • Stator rotor packs annealing section
  • Plastics production section
  • Die blocks repair section

Functional purpose – preliminary works on manufacturing electric motor component blanks made of plate material, mound stocks and other for further founding  and machining; rotor and stator sheets, as well as forging of shells, ЭКЧ lids, plates, pads, springs, balance weights, connectors, rotors and stator packs welding in an atmosphere of shielding gas (argon), lathe machining of stator packs overall diameter.

OJSC Polesyeelektromash

Republic of Belarus, Brest region., 225644, Luninets, ul. Krasnaya 179

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